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Thank you very much for coming to speak to the students about diversity and inclusion in our society. Your workshop was timely considering the present world politics and our society here in BC now.

– Delta Secondary School Business Ed. Teacher (2017)


I thought it was by far the most meaningful workshop we have had so far this year in Planning 10. I have never seen my classes so engaged. The facilitators were wonderful with the students.

– Carson Graham Secondary Planning 10 teacher (2016)


It was a fantastic exploration on privilege which helped reshape perspectives :)

– Seymour Heights Elementary Grade 6 teacher (2016)


This was an excellent presentation! If planning 10 exists next year with all the curriculum changes I will be excited to have your presenters return again.

– Cariboo Hill Secondary Planning 10 teacher (2016)


The facilitators skillfully moved through a series of experiential activities that helped students gain a deeper understanding of what discrimination, stereotyping and privilege means. Each experience was followed by a thoughtful discussion that led the students to ask deeper questions about their own preconceptions about others, as well as about the privilege they themselves have. Facilitators provided real-life examples of oppression in our society today that grounded the discussion and informed the students in new and meaningful ways.

– Ideal Mini School Planning 10 teacher (2016)


What I appreciated most was how the team was able to engage the students in empowering ways and got the message across that although young people are not to blame for adopting oppressive behaviors they have learned and act out, they are responsible to make the necessary changes in order to be inclusive of people from all walks of life.

– Handsworth Secondary Planning 10 teacher (2016)


Students always respond positively to the enthusiastic and engaging presenters. The message they share about discrimination is very powerful and impactful. It gives students an opportunity to think about their own judgments when it comes to other races and cultures and causes them to be aware of new and more positive ways to connect with each other and embrace diversity.

– West Vancouver Secondary Planning 10 teacher (2016)


… I was happy to listen to the many different point of views from youth who were much or less close to my age. I was able to share some of my own stories to relate to many different experiences people had. I was really pleased with my experience, and I encourage for youth to be part of this Neonology Camp in years to come. Be the change in your community!

– Neonology Leadership Camp Participant (2016)


Leadership was helpful experience. It is gives you a lot of keys to deal with the community, the ability to innovate and able to make a good decisions in support to reach to the vision. This experience is an advantage to meet new friends and work together as a team. And also gives you the ability to know other people their ways of thinking and having new ideas by listening to their opinion.

– Neonology Leadership Camp Participant (2016)


One important thing I learned from the workshop is since you don’t always know what others have gone through; you should be more respectful and empathetic.

– Youth Participant, Neonology Workshop (2017)


Thank you for sharing some social problems to us. I had a great time here.

– Youth Participant, Neonology Workshop (2017)


I loved this workshop. I now understand more about different cultural differences.

– Youth Participant, Neonology Workshop (2017)


I like it how my facilitator did well in facilitating a conversation I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time.

– Youth Participant, Neonology Workshop (2017)