Roots of Diversity is a Neonology workshop for adult community members who work with, advocate for and empower youth. It includes Neonology’s key messages of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism while engaging a broad range of stakeholders in the Greater Vancouver Area in British Columbia.

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Through training, broad distribution of the Neonology Legacy toolkits and ongoing promotion, we hope to spread an awareness of the integration issues faced by immigrant youth and our best practices learned throughout the Neonology project. Communities will be better prepared to support immigrant youth integration and develop our next community leaders who will understand their role and responsibility in developing welcoming and inclusive communities.

Why Roots of Diversity?

With our knowledge and experience working and engaging youth, we hope to share our best practices and provide additional training to a wider community both in and out of the North Shore.  It is important to note that each community will have their own challenges and therefore varying approaches when it comes to diversity and anti-oppression. Therefore, the innovative Neonology training (including best practices and resources), will act as an invaluable tool to support other communities in creating their own initiatives/programs that are relevant to their community’s needs.

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