Neon means “new one” and ology means “the study of”. Why would we make up a new word? Because Neonology is meant to offer a new way of looking at ourselves and our community. The visual Neon has importance in our name as well; if someone walked into a room wearing a neon shirt or neon sunglasses, it would be hard to ignore them even if we tried. Bringing a positive light to highly disputed issues is what we want to accomplish with the messages in our workshop.

What IS Neonology!?

Neonology is an award-winning workshop developed to demonstrate the power we all inherently have to stop discrimination and racism in our communities. it was developed in 2009, to create more welcoming and inclusive communities for all youth in the Greater Vancouver Area. The program has been provided to over 14,000 elementary and secondary school students. Its anti-oppression framework aims to facilitate youths’ understanding of the dynamics of oppression and the collective responsibility to be a part of the solution: “Be the Change You Want to See”.

Neonology Purpose Statement:

Planting the seeds of transformation in the hearts and minds of today’s youth to create a world where everyone can thrive.

Neonology Overall Goals

  • Deepen our understanding of the barriers (stereotypes, privilege, power) that limit everyone from thriving
  • Explore the impacts of these barriers on all of us
  • Hear and acknowledge people sharing experiences and what’s true for them
  • Ignite our collective inspiration to take action in our community
  • Teach youth how to have deep conversations respectfully

Neonology Values

Empowerment: Awareness-Power Of Choice-Knowing Your Options-Speak Our Truth
Connection: Presence-Curiosity Outside Self-Vulnerability-Empathy-Share Our Stories

The Neonology programs include:
Neonology workshops for Grade 6/7 and Grade 9/10 youth; and
Neonology Leadership Camp for all High School youth living on the North Shore

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